Stone Bridge Screensaver

Stone Bridge Screensaver

A stone bridge stretching into the sea, animated water and the enchanting sounds Portal

Stone Bridge is a nice screensaver that includes an image of a worn-out bridge made of huge stones, built on the shore of a river or lake. The water is animated and it offers some movement, which, together with the relaxing sounds of water flowing, helps create a very pleasant atmosphere. Unfortunately, the screensaver doesn't include music, but if you want, you can add your own music playlist in the settings menu.

In the same menu, you will also be able to customize the image size (stretch-full, stretch-proportional, original), animation speed and DirectX quality. If you want, you will also be able to add a transparent analog clock in one of the screen corners, which allows you to view the time without blocking any part of the image. What is more, the screensaver also comes with a viewer which enables you to zoom the image in and out, and even set it as desktop wallpaper with only one click.

In short, if you are looking for a pleasant landscape with relaxing sounds, Stone Bridge Screensaver may be worth your attention.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Nice scene
  • Relaxing sounds
  • You can add a clock
  • You can add your own music
  • Free


  • No built-in music
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